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Our Micro-finance program provides women with access to capital and also emphasizes weekly savings. We help women become financially literate and provide support in business skills and basic record keeping.

At the end of War people are left with nothing. War destroys physical assets, the ability to earn an income and the capacity to save money. Starting from scratch is a long road to financial security.

African Women Rising’s Micro-financing Program is the first step. Based on proven Village Savings and Loan methodology, African Women Rising’s approach is based on savings, basic business skills, and access to capital. African Women Rising achieves this through rigorous capacity building and mentorship.

The training classes focus on basic business knowledge and accounting to provide women with the tools to be successful. The viability of African Women Rising’s model lies in its use of community mobilizers who provide technical support and mentoring for each group over a three year period.


“I could not have come this far without African Women Rising. They helped us start the micro finance and savings. That was almost 10 years ago. I used to have to do bad things for money. Sometimes there was no food. Food was always a problem for us, my 3 girls and me. I borrowed money and invested in my garden.

Now I make good money, and save about $300/year. I’m sending one girl to the national teacher’s college, one to nursing school and the youngest is still in secondary school. The great thing I got from AWR is knowledge — before, I didn’t have it.”


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