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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Uganda has been effectively shut down. We have temporarily closed our programs, except for an increase in targeted, regenerative agricultural activities to ensure people have access to food. Our staff have been redeployed into COVID-19 response, especially in the refugee camps. There are 1.4 million refugees in 11 camps in Northern Uganda. An outbreak in the camps would lead to a humanitarian disaster. AWR is distributing soap, installing hand washing stations and providing information on how to keep the virus from spreading. This is a critical emergency. Please help support our communities in Northern Uganda.

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Feeling Stuck

Dear Friends of African Women Rising, I have been feeling a bit stuck lately. In all senses of the word. I’m sure I am not alone. We have all experienced unprecedented changes to our lives, changes relating to health, movement,…

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Program Highlights from 2018

Our work in Northern Uganda continues to expand and create life changing opportunities. Some key highlights from 2018: We currently provide support to more than 15,000 women and men, reaching close to 90,000 children (a 35% increase from 2017). A record number of students in the Girls Education program…

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How to Measure Success?

Our success in Northern Uganda is measured by the level of financial independence experienced by the women in our programs. In this, we consider increases in the amount of food they are growing, the number of new businesses that have been started; the amount…

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