Empowering women affected by war
We provide self-sustaining solutions that give hope and change lives.
We Believe
Women are powerful agents of change
Sustainable impact comes from within a community
Simultaneous action creates synergy & sustainability

Our Mission

African Women Rising was founded in 2006 to empower women affected by war with the tools to rise out of extreme poverty. Rooted in the conviction that women should be active stakeholders in defining their own development strategies, African Women Rising builds on initiatives that the women themselves have started.

Our Programs

AWR’s programs strengthen and accelerate existing development solutions including local farming practices, informally organized savings groups, government-run schools and adult literacy programs. AWR makes catalytic, yet simple, inputs to ensure that these initiatives work better and faster to empower women and families to sustainably rise out of poverty.


We provide women with the tools to become financially literate and secure with access to the financial services they need to move out of poverty.



Solution outcomes include increased soil fertility, increased crop yields, better diet and nutritional intake, as well as increased income.


Adult Literacy

Our literacy centers equip thousands of women and men with the knowledge to invest in their future.


Girls Education

We are committed to increasing access to basic quality education in rural areas of the conflict-affected Acholi region of Northern Uganda.


AWR Program Model

War destroys physical assets, the ability to earn an income and the capacity to save money. Starting from scratch means a long road to financial security. For as little as $100 per person, AWR changes women’s lives by supplementing existing programs and systems already in place with additional knowledge, skills, and opportunities. Participants who complete the full graduation model have deeper change and higher ambitions.

Participant Stories

I use all the practices they taught us, and my harvest is good. There is enough food in the house. Hunger periods are something that belong to the past now.”
Beatrice, 34-year-old mother of four
My permagarden helped me through the Covid time. My family did much better than many of our neighbors.”
Christine, 38-year-old mother of eight
My life is better. I can pay for school fees, provide basic needs such as soap for the children to wash.”
Ventorina, 78-year-old midwife caring for ten grandchildren
I use the practices we have learnt in the Field Crop program. We never have a shortage of food these days. That makes me so happy, it’s good to know there is enough food. At the end of this year, when we get our savings back, I’m planning on buying a cow for milking.”
Consi, 27-year-old mother of four

Proven Impact

Our research shows the synergistic program model works.

average savings increase
of participants at least doubled their savings after a year
increase in the number of households eating three meals a day
report the ability to pay for healthcare
of participants say that acquiring assets and/or starting a new type of work made the greatest impact on their lives
report being able to pay for school fees
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Featured Resource
2020 Impact Report
An impact assessment of permagardens in Palabek Refugee Settlement, northern Uganda
From 2017-2019, AWR assisted 4,500 South Sudanese refugees in developing permagardens on their allocated 30 x 30m refugee plots. This report assesses the impact and benefits of this intervention.
October 2017 Report
Give Hope
African Women Rising serves as a catalyst for thousands of women and girls in Northern Uganda, giving them the support they need to live their lives with dignity.
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